History of Stealth VisionĀ®

Texas native Dr. John McCall Jr. has been using technology to help others since graduating from the University of Houston College of Optometry in 1977.

He is a past president of the Texas and American Optometric Associations and co-founder and Vice President of Vendor Relations at Vision Source. Dr. McCall treats patients at his eye clinic in Crockett, Texas, and performs laser surgical procedures at his surgery center in Louisiana.

Having participated in more than 30 worldwide safaris, Dr. McCall is an experienced big game hunter, which inspired him to study long range shooting. He discovered that other scopes do not address all the issues of making a precision long range shot.

He embarked on a new adventure: incorporating his patent-pending anti-cant green light technology into the revolutionary scope of Stealth VisionĀ®.

Empowered by his medical expertise, Dr. McCall approached constructing a scope by factoring in his knowledge about the functions of the eye and the laws of optics.

According to Listingā€™s Law, the eye performs with peak accuracy only when it is upright and gazing straight ahead. When you shoot a rifle, you must tilt your head against the stock to see through the scope. Your eye will cyclo-rotate to attempt to remain vertical, but it is not possible for it to match the degree of head tilt. However, due to proprioception, the brain will incorrectly tell you that what youā€™re seeing is vertical.

A bubble level that is built into each Stealth VisionĀ® scope removes these variables and illuminates to indicate when your rifle is level, ensuring accuracy and keeping you in the kill zone at 1,000 yards.