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LEICA Calonox Sight SE

Thermal imaging 1×42

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The new Leica Calonox Sight SE is based on the proven Leica Calonox Sight and offers all the essential advantages of this thermal imaging device. By eliminating the Bluetooth® wireless connection and reducing the scope of delivery, the Leica Calonox Sight SE becomes affordable for all who have not yet decided on a premium-class thermal imager.

With a defined target size of 1.7 x 0.5 meters, the Leica Calonox Sight SE can detect targets up to a distance of 2,000 meters, recognize them up to 700 meters, and precisely identify them at up to 350 meters. The large field of view allows the hunter to monitor the surroundings at all times, thus providing additional safety. The Calonox Sight SE is also easy to mount and to zero to the riflescope, ensuring a consistently accurate and repeatable point of impact.


LEICA Calonox Sight SE - 1x42Metrics
Device typeThermal imaging device
Sensor typeVOx
Sensor size384 x 288 pixels
Pixel size17 μm
Screen typeOLED
Screen diagonal0.39”
Screen resolution1024 x 768 pixels
Image repetition frequency50 Hz
Lens focal length42mm
Field of view8.19 x 6.7° (15.5m x 11.7m/ 100m)
Operating temperature-20 to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
Dimensions (WxH)165 x 65 mm (6.5 x 2.6 inch)
Weight (with battery)685 g (24.2 oz)


Meet the Long-Range Doctor

Stealth Vision’s optics are inspired by Dr. John McCall’s 40-plus years as an eye surgeon, 37 worldwide safaris and well over 100 domestic hunts.


Frequently asked questions

01. What makes the Leica Calonox Sight stand out in terms of precision and repeatability?

The Leica Calonox Sight is designed for extreme precision and maximum repeatability, making it ideal for use with a riflescope. Its one-piece construction offers outstanding reliability, while the 1x magnification ensures a consistently precise and repeatable point of impact.

02. How does the Leica Image Optimization (LIO™) feature contribute to the image quality?

Leica Image Optimization (LIO™) is Leica’s own image processing technology that improves the image with special algorithms, resulting in particularly detailed color gradations, excellent contrast, and high detail resolution. This contributes to the superior image quality at a long range offered by the Calonox Sight.

03. Can the Leica Calonox Sight be used as both a clip-on and a thermal camera?

Yes, the Leica Calonox Sight offers dual-use functionality. It can be used for observation as a thermal camera or connected to your riflescope using an adapter mount. This versatility allows you to choose the best option for your needs without sacrificing image quality or distance detection.

04. What is the range and detail recognition capabilities of the Leica Calonox Sight?

The Leica Calonox Sight can detect targets up to a distance of 2,000 meters, recognize targets up to 700 meters, and precisely identify them up to 350 meters with a defined target size of 1.7 x 0.5 meters. This impressive detail recognition and range ensure


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