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Rifle Package ft. Seekins Precision Havak Element

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1,000+ yard accuracy out of the box

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We’ve paired Seekins Havak, a top hunting rifle, with the Stealth Vision® Scope to give you an edge in the woods.

The platform delivers unrivaled accuracy and adjustability, thanks to the Trigger Tech Upgrade, Mountain Hunter contoured fluted barrel, threaded muzzle and M16 Style Extractor.

The Element fires 6mm, 6.5 PRC, 7 PRC, and 28 Nosler cartridges at 1:8 twist rate.

Add the Stealth Vision® scope to the rifle and what you get is an unbeatable combination of accuracy, innovation, and style.

The scope takes this already impressive rifle to the next level, providing enhanced precision and long-range accuracy that’s perfect for any hunting or shooting situation.


Rifle Package ft. Seekins Havak ElementMetrics
ScopeSVX 5x30-56, SVL 5x20-50, SVT 3x18-44
Calibers6 mm Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 7 PRC, and 28 Nosler
Weight5.5lbs Short Action, 6.0lbs Long Action
BarrelMountain Hunter, spiral fluted 5R 416 stainless steel
TriggerTrigger Tech Special Adjustable, 1 pounds +
ColorElement Camo
FinishAnodized armorer black action, bead blasted barrel
StockSeekins Carbon Composite Stock
Threaded Muzzle5/8 x 24



Meet the Long-Range Doctor

Stealth Vision’s optics are inspired by Dr. John McCall’s 40-plus years as an eye surgeon, 37 worldwide safaris and well over 100 domestic hunts.


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Designed in Texas with High Quality Japanese Optics.

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Based on 6 reviews
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  1. Lori B

    Purchased a rifle and scope package and it is the most amazing set up ever! Love the ‘green’ level that lights up! The custom turret is spot on every time! Perfect clarity! Simply the best! Opened it up and it was perfectly sighted and ready to roll!

  2. Keith C. (verified owner)

    got my package and went this pass weekend and the first 3 shot at 200 yard was a little high and to the right, but a dine could almost cover them up , moved the scope down and to the left and the next 3 shots was all in the red and the dine still could almost cover them , best shooting gun i have had at 200 yards, that was all i shot , next weekend going to move out some

  3. Lyndal

    Bought the 6.5 PRC. I don’t shoot a lot. Usually shoot my gun right before season just to verify it is on and put it away until next year. That being said, pulled the gun right out of the case, set up targets at 100, 350, 600, and 1,000 yards. I hit all targets on the first shot. This is an amazing product as advertised, you won’t be disappointed!

  4. ALAN S.


  5. zachery Kirchner

    10 out of 10 recommend, you will not be disappointed. Bought a 28 nosler rifle setup 2 years ago from doc. All I have to stay is top notch 100% quality. The customer service is amazing! I needed a few more turrets burned for a spur of the moment african safari. Doc had me turrets burned and shipped to the front door in a 2 weeks. Got to Africa spun that turret on 2 shots one at 200yd and one at 500yd just to confirm turret numbers were on. Then we were off to the bush putting that 28 nosler to work. Took 13 animals from 50yd-600yd. If you are looking for in my personal opinion the best scope and rifle setup on the market this is it! I have ran swarovski and Leica optics which are fantastic optics. But doc has got his optics and glass absolutely dialed. I personally believe they are better than any of the competitors!

  6. Darrell G.

    I am not a long-range shooter. All of my shooting has been CQC with pistol and AR. I was given the opportunity to shoot the Stealth Vison package 7mm PRC SVL 5-20×50. The turret made it easy for me to adjust for range and the built in level corrected my “natural” cant. My first shot was a bulls-eye at 800 yds. I now have the bug and acquisition of a Stealth Vision package is in my near future.

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