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Stealth Vision®️ Scope

Stealth Vision®️ Scope

56 MM model with 34 mm tube

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Stealth Vision®️’s scope is revolutionary because its patent-pending anti-cant green light technology confirms to you, the shooter, when your target is in your crosshairs and you are good to squeeze the trigger from over 1,000 yards away.

Ensuring accuracy from long distances is a challenge because the brain will try to convince you your aim is perfect, when in reality, the brain is giving you false signals which will cause your rifle’s inevitable tilt.

This is an obstacle Stealth Vision®️’s anti-cant green light technology will overcome, enabling a true shot.

“It’s the only scope that actually eliminates all the variables that you need to make that once-in-a-lifetime shot,” said Dr. McCall Jr., who developed the scope after 40-plus years in optometric medicine.

Familiar with long range shooting struggles after participating in over 30 worldwide safaris, Dr. McCall Jr. successfully applied his medical expertise to build a technology that closes the gap between you and the world’s best military snipers.
BUILT TO IMPROVE ACCURACY Stealth Vision®️ built the best scope money can buy with anti-cant green light technology to keep you precise from long range. The Function Mode Switch (pictured) adjusts your scope to different conditions and your eye so you remain in the kill zone.
Stelth Vision 5-30x56
Low powerHigh power
Nominal Power5 x30 x--
Actual Power5.00 x30.00 x±5%-
Effective Objective Diameter16.89 in22.5 in±0.3 in-
Exit Pupil3.35 in0.75 in±0.3 in 
Exit Pupil3.35 in0.75 in±10% 
Actual FOV4.25°0.71°±5% 
Actual FOV - at 100 Yard22.2 ft3.7 ft±5% 
Actual FOV - at 100 m7.4 m1.2 m±5% 
Apparent FOV21.0°21.0°±5% 
Eye Relief3.22~3.81 in3.22~3.81 in  
Close Focus20yd  
Resolution8.1"8.1"at least 
Focal PlaneFirst - 
Body Tube Diameter1.34 in±0.19 in 
Reticle Type glass- 
Parallax Free-  
Parallax Adjustmentyes -20yd - ∞
Illumination(Red&Green) Side- Reticle:Red (2steps)
Level:Green (3steps)
1Click Value0.25moa±3% 
Elevation Adjustment Range (per Rotation)100moa25moa/rotat least 
Windage Adjustment Range (per Rotation)50moa25moa/rotat least 
Turret Types(Elevation) Exposed- 
Zero Stopyes - 
Turret Types(Windage) Capped- 
Zero Stop no- 
Exterior Design Supply Customer  
ED glass yes  
Water Repellent Coat (on the Lens) yes  
Diopter Range±3D  
Weight (with Battery)1028g- 
Overall Length (0D)14.33 in- 
Tracking Error0.5′/10′maximum 
Reticle Tilt0.5°maximum 
Off Center by Zooming0.5′maximum 
Diopter Shift0.5Dmaximum 
Elevation Turret Click Torque2510±N・cm 
Windage Turret Click Torque2510±N・cm 
Power Change Ring Torque4520±N・cm 
Diopter Change Range Torque2510±N・cm 
Focus Ring Torque3510±N・cm 
Objective Focus Shift1′- 
Image Jump0.5′maximum 
Recoil Test(optical axis)1000G x 1000times 1ms- 
Image Jump After Recoil0.75′maximum 
Operational Temperature-20℃~ 70℃- 
Water Proof3m-Nitrogen purged
Stealth Vision®️ Scope
Stealth Vision®️ Scope
  • 1
    OBJECTIVE LENS Extra low dispersion glass gives you true color and best-in-class light transmission.
  • 2
    TURRET SET AT ¼ MOA Stealth Vision®️ turret is fully customizable for your special bullet load. Inside is the zero stop clutch that is both easy to set and TOUGH for your needs.
  • 3
    HORIZONTAL ADJUSTMENT Inside this cap is a ¼ MOA adjustment that can set back to zero after sighting in your scope on your rifle.
  • 4
    MULTI-FUNCTION SIDE The outside unscrews so you can insert the battery, top button is a function button, button towards you increases light intensity, button away from you decreases light intensity and inside ring is your distance focus/parallax adjustment.
  • 5
    POWER ADJUSTMENT RING Changes your zoom magnification from 5x to as much as 30x.
  • 6
    EYE PIECE ADJUSTMENT Focus your reticle to perfect clarity.