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8 Rifle Scope Accessories You Need to Consider

By February 23, 2023January 10th, 2024No Comments
8 Rifle Scope Accessories You Need to Consider - Stealth Vision

If your goal is precision and speed when out in the field, or on the range, you will want to make sure you have the right accessories for your rifle scope to enhance your accuracy, while protecting your optics.

Check out the rifle scopes accessories below to elevate your shooting game to new heights of speed and precision.

1. Flip Cap

Flip Cap - Stealth Vision

Flip caps cover your rifle scope’s ocular and objective lenses, protecting them from dust and scratches. 

The best part? 

They’re super easy to install, don’t make unnecessary noise in the field, and are reasonably affordable.

Plus, the flip caps will keep your rifle scope clean and functional even when you’re not using the weapon by keeping dust at bay.

2. Throw Lever 

A throw lever is one of the most essential rifle scope accessories if you want to adjust your rifle scope’s magnification quickly. 

Besides, a throw lever allows you to zoom out and back in a single smooth motion, whether you’re a long-range hunter who needs to quickly size up animals or a competitive shooter looking for seamless transitions between targets. 

3. Sunshade 

A sunshade reduces the sun’s glare and reflections. 

When choosing a sunshade, you want to pick one compatible with your optics, more so the size of the objective lenses.

To use the sunshade, all you need to do is to screw it into the objective lens. That way, it becomes an extension of your scope. 

4. Custom Turrets 

Getting well acquainted with the ballistics and mathematics of a round can be exciting and time-consuming at the same time. 

With custom turrets, however, you can determine where your point of impact will be much easier and faster. 

A custom turret and ballistics calculator combo ensures that you’re less concerned about elevation if you’re hunting in the mountains and holdover for long-range targets. 

All you need to do is to dial, aim and shoot.

5. Bubble Level

A bubble level is a crucial rifle scope accessory if you’re keen on improving your accuracy. It eliminates canting (rifle tilting). That way, you hit your target with more precision. 

You’ll mount your bubble level behind the elevation turret. You don’t even have to remove the scope – but that’s for most scopes. 

Stealth Vision offers a premium rifle scope with a built-in bubble level powered by green light anti- technology. 

The scope is the only one on the market that can eliminate the variables you need for a perfect shot. Its integrated bubble level illuminates to green when your target is in your crosshairs, allowing you to hit targets 1,000+ yards away with pinpoint precision.

Do you know what this means? 

You can get an all-in-one system with the Stealth Vision scope, saving you the trouble of buying a bubble level as a separate item.

Check out the Stealth Vision scope.

You can read more about how the anti-cant system works and what it means for your overall shooting accuracy beyond 1,000 yards.

6. Cleaning Kit

Cleaning your rifle is an important maintenance routine. 

You should always have a fiber cleaning cloth attached to your hunting binocular harness, which you can also use on your rifle scope. 

Consider getting a lens pen and a can of compressed air for an occasional deep clean. On top of that, you’ll want to wipe down your scope’s exterior with a soft rag. 

7. Mounting System

Mounting systems provide a vital link between your rifle and scope. When looking for a mount, you want one that’s hardwearing and reliable to secure your optics.

You also want to pick a mounting system built for your shooting or hunting style and weapon. 

Regarding the construction materials, you can go for a carbon steel mount if you’re looking for something rugged or a lighter aluminum option.  

8. Scope Rings

A scope ring allows you to mount your scope on your gun. You can use single or multiple rings depending on your scope’s model and size. 

Most scope rings are made using aluminum. The latest models feature carbon fiber bodies blended with neoprene for a lighter feel and weight.

The Bottom Line

Having a rifle scope accessory can mean the difference between making an accurate and inaccurate one.

The best rifle scope accessories should enhance your shooting experience on the range and hunting fields.

When looking for an accessory for your scope, you want one that matches your gun finish for perfect camouflage, especially in the woods.

If your rifle has a gray finish, for instance, you can choose a scope cover with a matte black finish. Also, choose an accessory from a top brand.

Of course, the brands will differ depending on your specific accessory, but you want one from a high-rated manufacturer.

The eight rifle scope accessories on this list are handy and easy to fix on your weapon.

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