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Tactical SVT 3-18×44

44 MM model with 34 MM tube

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The Stealth Vision® Tactical SVT 3-18×44 is a versatile and compact rifle scope designed for various shooting scenarios, including short-distance engagements.

Its wide 3-18x magnification range allows for quick target acquisition and a broad field of view, while the 44mm objective lens ensures bright and clear images in diverse lighting conditions.

The scope features precise turret adjustments for windage and elevation, ensuring accuracy at short distances.

Built with high-quality materials, the SVT 3-18×44 is durable, waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof, providing reliable performance in extreme environments.

What’s more, it boasts brand-exclusive anti-cant technology, a valuable function in tactical situations where quick and accurate targeting is critical.


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Anti-Cant System

Green Light Technology

Best Optics

ED Glass


Ultra High Resolution


Stealth Vision® SVT 3-18x44Low powerHigh powerToleranceRemarks
Nominal Power3X18X--
Actual Power3.00X18.01X± 5%-
Effective Objective Diameter17.9 mm44.0 mm± 1 mm-
Exit Pupil6mm2.4mm±10%-
Actual FOV7.07º1.18º±5%-
Actual FOV - at 100 Yard37.1 ft6.2 ft± 5%-
Actual FOV - at 100 m12.4 m2.1 m± 5%-
Apparent FOV21.0º21.0º± 5%-
Eye Relief69~99mm78~92mm--
Close Focus15yd15yd--
Resolution10.21"4.6"at least-
Focal PlaneFirst---
Body Tube Diameter34mm34mm± 0.05 mm-
Reticle TypeGlass---
Parallax Free--25/+50yd15yd-∞
Parallax Adjustmentyes---
Illumination (Green)Side--Reticle: Red (2 steps) / Level: Green (3 steps)
1-Click Value0.25MOA± 3%-
Elevation Adjustment Range (per rotation)100 MOA25 MOA/rot± 3%-
Windage Adjustment Range (per Rotation)50 MOA25 MOA/rotat least-
Turret Types (Elevation)-Exposed--
Zero StopYes---
Turret Types (Windage)-Capped--
Zero Stop-No--
Exterior Design Supply-Customer--
ED Glass-yes--
Water Repellent Coat (on the Lens)-Yes--
Diopter Range± 3D± 3D--
Weight (with Battery)30.69oz 30.69oz --
Overall Length (0D)325mm---
Tracking Error0.5′/10′0.5′/10′maximum-
Reticle Tilt0.5ºmaximum--
Off Center by Zooming0.5'0.5'maximum-
Diopter Shift0.5D0.5Dmaximum-
Elevation Turret Click Torque252510±N・cm-
Windage Turret Click Torque252510±N・cm-
Power Change Ring Torque454520±N・cm-
Diopter Change Range Torque252510±N・cm-
Focus Ring Torque353510±N・cm-
Objective Focus Shift1'1'--
Image Jump0.5'0.5'maximum-
Recoil Test(optical axis)1000G x 1000times 1ms1000G x 1000times 1ms--
Image Jump After Recoil0.75'0.75'maximum-
Operational Temperature-20℃70℃--
Water Proof3m3m-Nitrogen purged



Meet the Long-Range Doctor

Stealth Vision’s optics are inspired by Dr. John McCall’s 40-plus years as an eye surgeon, 37 worldwide safaris and well over 100 domestic hunts.


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